Soft Vs. Traditional Toothbrush: Which One Should You Use?

Choosing a toothbrush can sometimes be confusing, but let me be clear… Always, and I mean always, use a soft bristle toothbrush! Brushing your teeth with a traditional toothbrush can cause your gums to recede, according to the Journal of Periodontology.

Receding Gums: From Causes to Treatment and Everything in Between ...

Toothbrush producers shouldn’t even make medium and hard bristled toothbrushes, but they continue to produce them because people continue to buy them.  The only good use for a medium and hard bristle is to perhaps scrub the tile in your bathroom floor!  These toothbrushes have no place in your mouth. Trust me.

Toothbrush abrasion is a common problem among well-intended patients who think they are doing the right thing by brushing firmly with a stiff bristle brush.  Over time, these stiff bristle brushes can lead to gum recession and notches in the enamel and the exposed root surface of the teeth.  Teeth can become sensitive, and gum recession can actually lead to tooth decay.  Brushing your teeth actually causing tooth decay and gum disease! Which is why we created the softest toothbrushWith over 10,000 Ultra Fine Bristles, it can cover more surface area of your teeth, and reach every crevice to eliminate that pesky plaque while leaving no damage to your teeth or gums!


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